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New Media Audio Engineering Narrative Filmmaking Documentary Filmmaking Non-linear Editing Cinematography Motion Graphics

The employment landscape has changed. Traditional forms of employment and careers have been transformed or replaced. It is now important for potential employees to have a broader range of skills. Skill sets that used to define one career track now are required across multiple careers. These changes require an instructional sequence that provides scholars with a more comprehensive training for the overall communication production industry.

This course sequence is a resource for educators to use in developing an effective Digital Communications sequence. At the conclusion of this sequence, a student will be an accomplished content creator that is prepared for college or career success. The sequence integrates well with all academic areas.

Instructors are encouraged to develop their own daily lesson plans, to suit their instructional goals, based on the content provided here. Some lessons come with resources to support learning. The information curated here is based on over a quarter century of effective Career & Technical Education.