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The Story of the Student Digital Art & Cinema Committee

The Student Digital Art & Cinema Committee is a pending LLC of educators, trainers and media production professionals that collaborate to develop and promote the skills of youth content creators. The goal of the committee is to work with media production programs that train youth in graphic design, visual art, audio engineering, filmmaking, acting, singing and overall artistic expression.

SDACC began it’s work in 2008 as the idea of educator, Brett McCall. Initially conceived to support and showcase the work of his own students, the purpose of this organization is now to support any secondary level or undergraduate digital media content creators. Advisory curricular assistance is also available to secondary institutions seeking to initiate or improve their digital media production course offerings.

The committee has expanded beyond the New York City boundaries in the past decade and looks to provide support to more youth content creators in the near future.


Ernedits Aperture

Brett McCall

BRETT McCALL - Founder

For over a quarter century, Brett McCall has worked as an instructor in New York City. Adults and young adults have benefited from his courses in visual arts, graphic design, web design, and video production. Supporting the growth of students is a natural trait. However, Mr. McCall recognizes the need to extend the support to include not just providing access to technical knowledge but also forums for these artistic skills to be exhibited.

SDACC Education

A course sequence is provided through this site. The course outline represents a partial view of the course content provided by Mr. McCall through the years and expected of a SDACC content creator.

2020 Screening Event

The Student Digital Art & Cinema Committee is seeking to hold a screening event for high school and undergraduate content creators for in the areas of narrative and documentary filmmaking, graphic design, visual art and digital audio production. If you are a youth content creator, you can find information about participating in this event on this site starting August 2, 2019.